The following sectors and industries are defined as the OceanEconomy.

Construction Tourism & Recreation
Marine Construction Amusement and Recreation Services, NEC*
Living Resources Boat Dealers
Fishing Eating & Drinking Places
Fish Hatcheries & Aquaculture Hotels & Lodging Places
Seafood Markets Marinas
Seafood Processing Recreational Vehicle Parks & Campgrounds
Offshore Minerals Scenic Water Tours
Limestone, Sand & Gravel Sporting Goods Retailers
Oil and Gas Exploration Zoos, Aquaria
Oil and Gas Production Transportation
Ship & Boat Building Deep Sea Freight Transportation
Boat Building and Repair Marine Passenger Transportation
Ship Building and Repair Marine Transportation Services
Search and Navigation Equipment
* Not Elsewhere Classified

The groups designated in bold comprise the major sectors of the Ocean Economy as defined by the NOEP, while the table entries shown in normal or italics text indicate the industries that comprise the sectors.  Some of these industries are defined as ocean regardless of location.  This includes those involved in shipbuilding, and marine passenger and freight transportation.  Other industries are defined as ocean only if their locations are also "near shore," which is defined as being located in zip codes adjacent to the shoreline.  These are shown above in green italics and include all industries in the Construction, Tourism and Recreation, Offshore Minerals, and Living Resources sectors.

No data are available for the harvesting industry of commercial fisheries.

The ocean related federal, state, and local government employment and wages data are excluded. Because government employment is reported in total rather than by function, separate analysis must be done to include these data. However, government employment is included in the analysis of total employment and wage changes in the Coastal Economy.

In addition to the above, data for two other ocean sectors, Real Estate and Marine Research & Technology, will be compiled and made available at a later date. These sectors require a different collection strategy, unrelated to mining of government economic census databases.

updated 19-Mar-2007

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