Offshore Minerals

NOEP's Oil & Gas Data

NOEP Offshore Oil & Gas data are collected from the Minerals Management Service, the Energy Information Agency (EIA), and state agencies having oversight of the offshore natural resources and minerals production in their waters. See data sources for more information.

These data are available on the website for most of the producing coastal states from 1970 to 2010, with a few exceptions:

  • Alabama state offshore production did not begin until 1987.
  • Mississippi does not have state offshore production.
  • Texas combined its onshore and offshore production data until 1980.
  • Alaska OCS began producing in 2001 with the NorthStar project.
  • First Purchase Pricing became available in 1978. NOEP uses the U.S. average price for pre-1978 pricing.

Yearly regional oil and gas pricing information also is available:

  • Natural Gas: Wellhead Price per mcf (one thousand cubic feet measured at standard pressure and temperature condition)
  • Oil: First Purchase Price per bbl (42 U.S. gallons measured at 60°F)

For more information about oil and gas industry terms see: Oil & Gas Terms

Note: In order to help NOEP discover how the website data is used, a simple and secure user registration and sign-in is required to download these data.

updated updated 1-Feb-2012