Natural Resources - About Commercial Fisheries Data

The Living Marine and Great Lakes Resources search pages provide an easy way to locate and compare statistical data about commercial fisheries, by region, state, nation, and year. The search results provide the landing weights and landed values for each of the selected regions and years.

  • Landings is the live (round) weight of all catch, expressed in pounds, except univalve and bivalve mollusks, which are reported as pounds of meats and excludes the shell weight.
  • Landed Value is the total ex-vessel landed value (in nominal dollars).
Note: Commercial landings data released by NMFS for species specific data in some geographic areas may understate the landing weights. See for more information regarding the NMFS data.

Data for the Living Marine Resources Top Ten Species and Commercial Fish Species search pages were compiled from the database of the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), a division of NOAA, which are available from the NMFS website at The NMFS data, which are developed in cooperation with state fisheries agencies, covers all commercial fish and shellfish species, as well as specialty products such as seaweeds, corals, and worms.

Data for the Top Fishing Ports pages were drawn from the NMFS database and are available on the NMFS website at" The data are reformatted and indexed for the NOEP website for ease of searching and downloading. Data are available for many ports since 1981.

Currently, data are available for all marine states in the years 1950 through 2014. Data for the Great Lakes states, as well as freshwater landings, are also included in the Top Ten searches. Unfortunately, the Great Lakes fishing data for 1962-1984 are not available. All species are shown using their common name as identified by NMFS.

Note: In order to help NOEP discover how the website data is used, a simple and secure user registration and sign-in is required to download these data.

updated 2-Dec-2015