About NOEP

The National Ocean Economics Program

The National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP) is now the main research arm of the Center for the Blue Economy at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. NOEP provides a full range of the most current economic and socioeconomic information available on changes and trends along the U.S. coast and in coastal waters. The program is funded by private donations and the Monterey Institute. Plans are currently underway to expand NOEP's scope internationally and to include additional datasets so that NOEP can become an even greater resource for ocean and coastal economic analysis.

  • To link the nature, scope, and value of human activities to the environmental state of the coast and coastal oceans.
  • To present useful information on the economics and the natural and social resources of the coast and coastal oceans.
  • To provide useful data that demonstrates the interdependence between the health of the U.S. economy and the health of the coast and coastal ocean.
What service or product does the NOEP provide?

The NOEP research program compiles information about economic and social patterns in the coast and coastal oceans. Researchers, primarily economists, policy analysts, and computers scientists, identify, collect and formulate primary and secondary source information, then analyze and interpret it. This information undergoes a rigorous review process for accuracy and utility, and is delivered in a range of formats through a publicly available, Web-based information system. Additional products such as state summaries, customized trends analyses, and forecasting are provided at a negotiated fee.

Current databases include:
  • Market value data
    • OceanEconomy data (1990-2004 data compiled by NOEP — for the years 2005 and following generated by the NOAA Office of Coastal Management )
    • Coastal Economy data (compiled by NOEP from public BLS and BEA datasets)
  • Natural Resources data
  • Population & Housing data
  • Maritime Transport (Ports & Cargo) data
  • Federal Marine Expenditures data
How is the NOEP useful?

The NOEP analyzes the economic contribution of the coast and coastal ocean by sector and geography over time and serves the needs of decision-makers and the public by assisting with investment and management decisions that attempt to balance conservation, preservation, and growth in coastal areas and coastal watersheds.

updated 28-Jul-2015